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Water and Air Solutions Luxembourg

We are dedicated to bringing efficient and autonomous solutions for the delivery of clean energy, fresh potable water, and pure indoor air.


"We propose individual autonomy to supply vital resources like clean water and air, not as a revolution, but as an evolution of the response we need to give to these very important needs.

Paradoxically individual autonomy then becomes a collective response to support these very individual human needs".




Our EAPG VentAir prototype has the same functions as a normal small wind turbine but is very different at the same time because it does not use any external blades to capture the "wind", or rather the airflow. Given the relatively small powers required for individual domestic needs, we have succeeded in integrating the propeller system into the "nacelle" to capture the surrounding airflow. Connected to one of our air2water prototypes it can also produce drinkable water and conditioned air in one go.

The EAPG VentAir can generate 24, 72, or 144 kWh per day

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VentAir is capable of capturing the flow of air throughout its environmental sphere.

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Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 9.22.39 AM.png

An auto-orientable/multi-entry head can be used in areas where it is difficult to capture multi-directional wind

A fixed head could be used where wind is coming from one direction only


Competitive qualities of the VentAir solution

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Total independence does not require a connection at any level

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No external blades

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No CO2

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100% Clean no product or solution other than air is used in the process

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Easy to install in various location types for example:

       •  hang on a windowsill

       •  placed on the roof

       •  placed on a balcony

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VentAir can be used off grid in “rural” or remote areas that are not connected to a network

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Fully compliant with the rules of circular economy

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Various production capacities exist (scalable)

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VentAir can also be used in urban areas where it is difficult to capture multi-directional wind

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No maintenance required apart from changing the air filter

Artboard 102.png

Auto orientable or fixed installation possible

Capable of capturing the flow of air throughout its environmental sphere

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VentAir can also be setup as a hybrid installation, where it is combined with another system like PV panels to help when the wind speed is too low or nonexistent (downtime)

Latest Articles

AétherSolutions™ Luxembourg provides sustainable impact solutions and technologies allowing better and more logical use of our natural resources, offering a reduced ecological impact to benefit a more livable planet. AétherSolutions™ is looking for early-stage investors and/or strategic partners to join us throughout this journey, for extended product development.


AétherSolutions™ (AS) is an entity based in Luxembourg, already collaborating for one project through Neobuild with the University of Luxembourg and international industrial players in sustainable circular technology.


It offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in the enormous potential offered by the sector of sustainable technologies and impact solutions, entirely in line with the specific needs of international and diversified markets and countries.

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Turiven is a system in development that transforms the atmospheric air into drinkable water and clean filtered and conditioned air in one go. In this technology, the search for the dew point is achieved using the venturi effect.

The project is in the proof of concept phase and is tested in a lab environment.

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The Fountair prototype uses vortex technology and is being developed and tested with support from It has been positively assessed by the Applied Thermodynamics team at the University of Luxembourg.

The project is currently in the proof of concept phase and tested in a lab environment. Fountair is now ready to be industrialized. 

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