Water and Air Solutions Luxembourg

We are dedicated to bringing sustainable and autonomous solutions for the delivery of fresh potable water and pure indoor air.

We aim to deliver sustainable equipping technology for residential buildings.

“Yes, it is time to think differently about the equipping of residences and homes. Yes, some solutions already exist. Yes, you will keep the ownership of your idea when developing them in our Co-development Lab & Workshop Studio.”



AétherSolutions Luxembourg is a co-development studio dedicated to the conception and realisation of solutions that tackle sustainability issues for the delivery of fresh potable water and pure indoor air.

The conception and development of these solutions are based exclusively on clean renewable natural resources. They are created to give an answer to the growing demand of an existing end-user.


In 2019 AétherSolutions Luxembourg partnered with Neobuild, the technological innovation centre in Luxembourg that supports and promotes innovative construction projects, in order to enhance sustainable achievements for the Luxembourg economy.

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