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1. Pure Air and Drinking Water

We propose the development of activities offering solutions, within a Lab & Workshop, not products, although these may be the result of the activity.

The development of solutions is based on the development dedicated to specific projects, technologies that in fact can be used to respond to the development of processes allowing the industrial duplication of events taking place in nature.

We already master the duplication of some of these processes relating to air and water. we have already mastered the transfer of technology between natural processes and industrial replication.

The air is indeed a dream subject considering the number of its characteristics which are useful to us as humans, but also for the execution of numbers of processes that are in force in our daily life.

The industrial processes that we are developing, which are, in fact, the recipients of the technology transfer, will have needed a matching with the specifications of the donor of the technology from nature. This is the effort we are driving.

We take care of the reliability of the solutions that we propose, to be done we use only duly experienced industrial processes. The study of value is our permanent concern.

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2. Realization Example

There exists in nature a phenomenon called "The Dew Point".
This phenomenon, known for ages, has already given rise to multiple adaptations for its exploitation, adaptation that today we could describe as “from the past”, considering the repetitive and sustainable process that we developed.

We arrived there by studying well existing, identifying, studying and adapting the most reliable techniques to repeat the phenomenon.

The real adequacy we obtained by realizing and testing our prototypes. This simultaneously enabled us to achieve the service we offer to the end-user, which is a goal at the center of our concern.

The risk of our approach was not to get there, this course is over, we can offer 3 different techniques to solve the problem of repetition of the Dew Point.

There are many possible areas of application. We have concentrated on this point to produce solutions for cases of real applications for residences and mobile residences. We have subsequently equipped our solution to offer all the safety and comfort of the end-user.


Contact us for more information.

Visit also, AétherSolutions is the technical coordinating body for the development of the solutions required by the various cases presented by Fountair.

"Pure Air and Drinking Water are the deliverables of our solutions."

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