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AétherSolutions the Co-development Lab and Workshop - Introduction 

A. The setup of a Co-development Lab and Workshop dedicated to the conception and development of solutions that tackle real issues regarding the revision of existing residential equipment is the main target of our activity. The conception and development of the solutions we are proposing are based exclusively on clean renewable natural resources: the solutions are developed to give an answer to the demand of the end-user. Example developments we are involved with at the moment are the production of potable water extracted from pure air (outside any water delivery network), and the development of equipment delivering the best possible breathing air for in-house residents.


B. Functioning mode of the Co-development Lab and Workshop. We will work on the conception and development of solutions, either at our own initiative but we will also offer this as a service to the market.  We will adapt our prototypes in answer to any entity that we will grant a license of fabrication.


C. Name of the Co-development Lab and Workshop. The Name of the Co-development Lab and Workshop is AétherSolutions


D. Legal form for AétherSolutions. The legal form at the start of the activity is an “sprl”, based in Luxembourg, the entirety of the capital belongs to Jean Pierre Willems and is constituted of the patent and of its prototype for the first already performed development.  ( ) The patent registration and the construction of the prototype have been made possible thanks to the financial support of MPEL, an sarl belonging to Antonin Willems.


E. Evolution of the situation. AétherSolutions will be one of the founders of the Fountair company (see, together with an already known partner Mr. Bart Daems, who is currently a resident in the UAE. Fountair is not limited to the development of residential equipment.


F. Actual situation of AétherSolutions.

  1. The registered patent request is called: ___________________

  2. The prototype developed to reach the POC is providing full satisfaction, but it also is at an advanced stage that permits the industrialization of the equipment according to licensee requirements.

  3. A dedicated test bench for the development of the prototypes has been acquired. The development has permanently been conducted in the spirit of Value Engineering (which includes the Risk Analysis).

  4. The prototype is constituted by different subsystems, that could be assembled to perform as the sum of the individual systems, or the individual subsystem can be used independently one from the other.

  5. Each subsystem, and therefore at the level of the global system, is scalable.

  6. Presently we have developed a subsystem for the air purification and treatment (humidity, temperature…), and a subsystem for the extraction of water from the air together with the necessary treatment of this water.


The main quality of our development is the elimination of any external product or substance in the heat exchanger; no gas of any sort anymore is our objective.  If interested, the evolution of our actual development will be discussed directly with you as a partner in our activity. We have prepared a series of slides to introduce (on request) the subject presented here above, the presentation will show a few diagrams together with a few pictures; however, this pitch is not self-sustainable and needs to be commented by Jean Pierre Willems.

Thank you for your attention.

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