Our Technology

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Air Light harvesting Electrical network Electrical device Treated Air Production Temperate Cold Warm Temperate Cold Warm Treated Potable Water Production Two different production processes ON or OFF - Grid performing Management unit AIR Production / Transformation Unit Hybrid Electrical Production Unit Numerous individual or associated production process unit applications We industrially reciprocate the natural phenomenon that is called the ‘dew point’. The real opportunity: A co - working development for a truly disruptive technology

Benefits of the Technology

From naturally sourced energy to natural products

No additives (gas, refrigerants,…)

No waste

Long life, quasi no maintenance

Scalable capacity

An autonomous original process

Low electrical consumption

Certified air & water quality

Certified air & water quality

Heat Exchanger Adopted Principle Solution

Exterior Envelope; Exterior Cylinder Fins Central tube in center of tube with fns: receives the fow of cold air Inlet of air/smoke fow to be cooled down Collection of DRY AIR for analysis in the order of 4 cubic meters Collection of WATER for analysis Inlet of cold air fow (450L/m) temperatures between 2 and 10 degrees C, Dry Diameter around 30cm Height around 20 cm Temperatures between 20 et 30 degrees C, Hr 30 - 50 % Exchanger AIR AIR Double Cylinder Concept Temperature of the fns? All the numerical values are the ones we envision at the time of the prototype, they could vary. The fow of air to be cooled and then analyzed, will be blown out from the top