Functioning mode of AétherSolutions as a Co-development Lab and Workshop

  1. We will work on the concept and development of solutions, either from our own initiative, or we will offer the development as a service to the market.

  2. We will adapt our prototypes in answer to any entity that we will grant a license of fabrication.

An unusual offer of service & partnership

E nvision our co ll aboratio n to materialize the solution . To s tart a new activity? To A dd a ne w li ne of products to your existing catalog? In r ea ction to your competitor's new line of developments. Any other reason? 1 2 3 4 5 If there is a match, we w ill frst sign a NDA that defnes the rules of our partnership We will de scri be ou r knowledge and interests Let’s start We will listen to your motivations 1 2 3 4 3. 1 Working to develop solutio n s for an "OFF -gr id" situation with clean and sustai nable innovations for th e del ivery of el ectr ic al power, drinking wa ter and cl ean ai r . Our f e lds of interest and competences Do ma in 1.1 In all the meanings of the word, yes, we are . Realistically, all our propo sa l s ar e developed in a strict valu e en g in eering exercise. 2.1 In this presentation we will only speak about: The use of re newab le en ergy . However, we know ot her felds exist. Innovator 1 2 3 3.1 For All Drinking Water & Air Conditioning Project Developments. Only o ne s ource A r Ar e e y y o o u u i i n n s s e e a a r r c c h h o o f f a n an i i n n n n o ovat i vativ e ve p r pro j oj e e c c t t ? ? Methodology? Let's meet up! P r o o j j e e c c t t C C o o n n c c e e p p t t u u a a l l i a z a z i t t i i o o n