To be a Partner in an Innovative Development

1. Although we are developing new solutions in our Co-development Lab & Workshop, we don’t really qualify as a “startup”. In fact, we are bringing new technology and dedicated solutions to answer real demand from experts and from the business. We are operating like an “atelier or workshop”, so although we can produce our own products, we are also offering our actual development as a service to the market.

2. Additionally, we also offer the advantage and the opportunity to partner with a company based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Our activity of producing an Autonomous System for the Production of Drinking Water is clean and sustainable.

  • We have the obligation to offer a system that is also economically affordable and sustainable. Our first preoccupation is the quality of the water that we deliver.

  • We either deliver to a consumer that is OFF-grid by force, and doesn’t have the benefit of a water network in its locality, or we deliver our solution to a consumer that chooses to be OFF-grid. This can be completely, or partially for example when the solution is used for drinking water and/or in relation with food production. These consumers already know they will have to pay a different price than water network consumers.

  • Our Active Air ‘Conditioner’ Devices make autonomous air treatment possible. They are to be considered as a major breakthrough. Not using any added gas in heat exchangers is a true revolution.

Why Partner with Us?

We have:

  1. the necessary ingredients to satisfy the request

  2. the possibility to mobilize the team that will conceive and develop the solution on the spot

  3. the experience & intelligence to manage the project

  4. the experience & intelligence to conceive new solutions

  5. the experience & intelligence to conceptualize the building of the solutions

  6. the know-how to process what and why

BUSINESS NEWS NEW PARTNERSHIP JULY 2019 AétherSolutions (the company that will be settled in Luxembourg very soon) just signed a partnership contract with Neobuild, a truly innovative and world-renowned organization in the feld of residential construction ( This means that the value of all the developments proposed by AétherSolutions will increase considerably because the support offered through this Two of the main preoccupations of the new AétherSolutions company that will be co-developed with Neobuild are: 1. to offer a self-suffcient and autonomous production of potable water2. to take care of the quality of the air we are breathing inside our homes For more information contact: AétherSolutions: Jean Pierre Willems Neobuild: Lucas Karmann contract will take the shape of a co-development.The objective of the AétherSolutions development is, in full respect with the compulsory measures from the Luxembourg state,to propose new solutions for equipping residences and their surroundings challenged by the risks of climate change.

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