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AétherSolutions' commitment to develop an electric current generator for domestic use

We've taken our day-to-day reality into consideration as the basis of our decision to invest in the development of autonomous current generators for domestic use.

Based on the risks and problems to supply our homes with electric current, we can almost certainly conclude that we must change the model to ensure the delivery of current to each and every household.

Indeed, not only climate change is an incentive to think about the need for new solutions, but current events like the war have broadened the spectrum of scarcity and danger.

State organizations in this area must certainly continue to play their role. These organizations do not only have to worry about households, but the very subject of households is still an important strategic subject to keep social peace. However, we must note that it is not easy to know how to choose between the solutions pushed by the lobbies and the true reality of all scientific solutions.

Politicians untrained in this kind of debate have difficulty convincing us of their seriousness.

Our reflection on these facts is that each household must take charge of itself, assume its responsibilities, and move from a system where the state is counted on for everything, to a mode: "we are responsible and we can independently take the means to make it work".

Many other elements contribute to the validity of this position, which I believe will not suffer from any contradictions.

We must now demonstrate that solutions exist.

The solution offered by AétherSolutions is that each household can be equipped with its own means of producing electrical energy depending on the dimension of the household. And this at home, independently of any connection, in complete safety and with sustained 24/7 availability, whatever the climatic and luminosity data.

This solution must be a 100% ecological process, no CO2 emissions are accepted, and must operate at minimum cost, or even zero. So, a clean, economically, and technologically sustainable solution is the solution to declare oneself to be autonomous. The solution must also be modular to avoid having to add excessive and therefore costly storage possibilities.

Households will no longer be hijacked.

The description elaborated above is a beautiful, realistic program for our politicians. The solution described above exists, it is in development, designed by AétherSolutions in Luxembourg.

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