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  • Jean Pierre Willems

Yes, AétherSolutions produces solutions!

Updated: May 15, 2022

Renewable energies are incorrectly qualified as solutions to produce our electrical energy needs.

‘Incorrectly’ may not be entirely accurate, because they are likely to produce some energy partially but unfortunately also uncontrollably and intermittently. Their support for the problem of supplying electrical energy to households is however not negligible, their operating process, seen from this angle, is very interesting.

The intermittency of this means of production is indeed the critical character to be compensated for because its reliability is compromised. To remedy this, it even encourages the perpetuation of the use of fossil resources.

We investigated this subject and AétherSolutions, always looking for opportunities during studies of this type instead of confirming the defects, can propose solutions for the domestic needs segment.

We considered the needs household by household, considering their individual autonomy, which cannot be denied to us, since in addition to the claims to be satisfied from the point of climate protection, given the current "climate" of uncertainty of the recent war events, we must think about autonomy.

Note that paradoxically, it is easier to find solutions for regions where electrical energy is not distributed than to satisfy the “comfort” needs of our fellow citizens.

Our observation and proposal:

If you accept the principle that to produce, you must first sow, and that to have seed, you must have first produced it. And that the outcome of the operation always has to be positive, you are in line with our proposal.

We, AétherSolutions, tackled the problem of offering each household the possibility of being independent, and can formulate the following proposal:

Each household that so wishes, will be able to acquire a current generator capable of supplying it with the quantity of electricity depending on the composition of the household, or part of this demand.

We have designed these generators which, once delivered, *operate at zero cost”.

These generators operate on the principle of delivering the energy requested, whether they are installed anywhere, whatever the weather or light conditions, 24 hours a day.

These generators do not require any hosting infrastructure, are easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, and are economically and technologically sustainable. They produce no CO2 and are controllable.

*In the same way as for PV Panels, we should have the participation of the authorities to promote their acquisition.

This autonomy solution will allow us to offer you other surprising solutions!

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