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An initiative taken in Luxembourg

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The development of a platform, for the development of solutions guaranteeing you autonomous and permanent access to a number of essential resources for living.

Why this platform?

Who could argue our situation today?

  • In view of (and experience of) climate change, the risks of public health situations such as we are still experiencing, in view of the threat of disasters that we are beginning to experience from the lack of infrastructure for the distribution of a resource such as electricity, in view of the risk of political stability - we have to talk about it - a war has just started, we don't know its evolution or what will result from it

  • That a demand exists for an individual coverage solution, at the household level, for minimum essential resources such as drinking water and clean air to breathe at home.

There is therefore an undeniable demand for solutions.

What this promising platform offers us

The concern of our developing platform is to give an appropriate response to these requests:

  • First, our developments are made and will always be done according to the strict rules of the Circular Economy, with the concern of being 100% Ecological and Economic. Our solutions have a 0 cost of use.

  • Secondly, to produce these essential products, we quickly realized that the essential resource is electricity. We have in development, following 2 different technologies, an electricity generator to meet the needs of households. (1 to 10kWh). These generators are produced respecting the criteria mentioned above.

What our platform is about

The platform that we have called a FabLab, develops our ideas, but is likely to develop the ideas of third parties.

The solutions we develop are part of our program called Autonomy.

Once developed, since responding to market demand, we intend to market the solutions through licensing.

Development program

In addition to the 2 power generators already mentioned, several other solutions are on our worktable, let's mention the projects:

1. The Life Station

2. Mobility Support

3. Home Comfort

We will be happy to answer your questions, as well as to be able to count you as partners.

You will notice how big this market is and urgently demands answers.

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