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Autonomy Program: Autonomous Domestic Generators of Aeraulic and Hydraulic Electricity

A value downgrading of the existing solutions of electricity generators using renewable energy for situations including those for households, is to be expected very soon.

A small revolution is ongoing based on the novelty of the process of transforming the chosen resources into electrical energy.

The appearance of this innovation is intended to overcome the shortcomings of the solutions proposed to date, in particular regarding the intermittency of energy production, but also to take into account the fact that these systems are deposited in an environment that is and will be subject to atmospheric events such as strong winds, storms, hail, sandstorm, etc.

Innovation will live in a safe place, for example inside your home, and produce 100% of the time, it will be technologically and economically sustainable, does not require any connection or fuel, is autonomous and 100% clean. Above all, it produces at zero cost!

This Innovation is developed by AétherSolutions, a company in the course of being created in Luxembourg.

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