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Electricity supply to “Households”. It is not a risk, but an obligation.

When a problem as serious as that of not being able to supply electricity to all households with certainty arises, and at what price, this due to the combination of different climatic and geopolitical factors, and a solution is proposed, there is the supervisory authorities have an obligation to test it and this following an extremely urgent procedure. You have to know how to change your tune and not continue to try to perpetuate only the current supply agreements, which moreover are more than doubtful.

The cost of verifying the solution is ridiculous compared to the dimension of the problem it can help to solve, the cost is ridiculous compared to the economic opportunity on the one hand and prestige on the other hand that it will bring, cost is ridiculous compared to the need to keep social peace.

We ask for your contribution to the conduct of this audit.

The solution is undoubtedly credible, and I will document it.

The solution consists in giving autonomy to households wherever they are, whatever the climatic and light conditions, 24/7. The solution benefits from an almost zero operational cost, it is technologically and economically sustainable. It is 100% ecological.

Our solution does not attack any energy solutions that are already in place but helps for sure when they might be lacking. Our solution is a proactive contribution to social peace in particular.

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