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  • Jean Pierre Willems

Emergency: climatic issues

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

A new service was initiated by AétherSolutions to treat the weakness of renewable energies when used to produce electrical energy.

Just as there is a reception service for health problems, it lacks a reception service for the issues of care given to climatic issues.

The medical emergency service, in addition to its permanent availability, enjoys multiple competencies and more extensive means of assessment than that of, say, a general practitioner, which in principle must direct the case to be treated by ad hoc specialists.

We will display here, this equal to a restriction, that the office of climatic emergencies that we propose in our Fablab is specialized in the field of the treatment of the problems of non-adequacy of the solutions offered by specific renewable energies to solve the problem of production of electrical energy at any time, anywhere, and always under control.

This is the same as any specialization that a Health Emergency Department might offer, which would display specializations such as snake-bite treatment and management, disaster medicine, medical toxicology, etc. These de facto specializations exist.

Example of solutions in development:

How to disqualify the grievances made to the wind turbines relating to their intermittency and possible non-control of their operation.

Solutions already achieved:

In short, an autonomous, domestic (in situ) aeraulic system that is 100% of the time available, 100% ecological, sustainable, and resilient, requires no dedicated infrastructure, and produces the electricity necessary for the household at zero cost

Other examples of solutions:

A system identical to the description given above but based on hydraulic principles, a production system, still at the household level, to produce water for food needs, and many others.


This Emergency Service Office is unique in its design, it is unique in the solutions developed.

AetherSolutions the initiator of this "FABLAB" is based in Luxembourg and needs additional resources to develop its projects.

We, therefore, invite you to join us as a partner in this intelligent development project.

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