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Splitting the total figure

To talk about the production of electric energy for the future, note that we are already living in the future, we must talk about the segment of the Global needs to satisfy the demand demanded by a country.

We will talk here about the “household” segment. This makes it possible to speak directly of the social characteristic that this vital force also plays for social peace. The “household” segment in a country's overall figure is significant and reaches around 30% of this figure.

To achieve peace at the same time as the satisfaction of having electricity at home, the best way is for each household to have the responsibility and therefore the ability to control the demand for production capacity at home by itself. Autonomy is the situation in which households must live. Autonomy does not at all mean not living in a community and no longer needing "public" services.

Every country is already talking about being independent, so we're not introducing a new concept.

You will certainly think of photovoltaic panels as a solution. Yes is it possible in some cases, but not for all households, to meet the needs, if you accept that you will need extra batteries, that the system components will be produced outside of our European area, and that weather conditions will be always opportune. So yes it is a potential solution, but as the changes in living conditions are there, we must think about improving this already "mature" technology.

The transition period between the use of an existing solution and the generalization of the implementation of a new one is long. This means that you should not waste time starting with the new idea, it also means that a new solution will not kill an existing one, that is to say, that the existing industrial means will have time to convert.

AetherSolutions has already put a project for evaluation on the table of authority here in Luxembourg. The development of a new system of autonomous electricity production, household by household, is sustainable, which remedies the weakness of PV solutions.

The project could also be developed in other countries.

To remedy the contradictions in the positions taken by the EU commission, when it deals with Taxonomy for the recognition of whether or not a technology belongs to the ER category, and the means of implementing these decisions, we recommend that when the hen we talk about needs, we distinguish between the different sectors of the overall demand for electricity.

This will make it possible to observe that there are other, new, solutions to satisfy, for example, the needs of the “household” entity, which is also important with regard to social peace.

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