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The incentive must come from the authorities

Developments intended to solve current pollution problems must be implemented as quickly as possible, but also to cover the lack of solutions to produce clean electrical energy.
In the text below, we discuss this subject, focusing on the "Household" segment of total demand. We say that there are solutions.

The incentive must come from the authorities:

Subject: The adoption of means of production, individual domestic and autonomous electrical energy

The incentive must come from the authorities so that Mr. or Mrs. X change their habits, of current comfort which is to use the electrical resources of their home. Resources are provided to it by a distributor using products based on the use of fossil resources. It takes incentives and not directives for it to adopt a different heating system for its home than its current system based on the consumption of fossil resources, It takes incentives and not just laws for the changes in the engine system of its vehicle.

For there to be an incentive, alternative means must be available, means which must be technologically and financially attractive. These means must help solve the problem of atmospheric pollution produced by the means in force to date, but also by the constraints of the market.

For there to be an incentive, the authorities must agree to leave the current beaten track, their comfort! And this may not be as easy as it looks. In effect, it will be necessary to defeat certain current legislation, it will be necessary to abandon certain contractual practices, it will be required to ensure that the alternatives presented are sustainable, that there is a beautiful ground that the lobbies which are in place ensure to perpetuate. In short, for the authorities, it will be necessary to get out of their comfort zone and with the least possible risk. Not taking the initiative in the matter is no longer acceptable, it amounts to prolonging the evil, and the sanction does not wait to manifest itself.

The struggle is bitter, but finding solutions is mandatory and in the short term.

The authorities have started to trace the route by encouraging “Households” to provide their homes with individual means: PV panels, which is a road mapped out to promote autonomy. It remains to re-examine these solutions, which are not available to everyone or in all climatic conditions.

The market with legislative support seems to have settled the subject of mobility which would be all-electric, the same is true for means of heating or for example the death knell has sounded for the use of fuel heaters. Note however that the alternative presented to replace fuel is gas! It thus remains for us to take in hand the problem of the electricity supply of "households".

The door is ajar, by the incentive to equip homes that can receive energy with PV systems, let's work on this niche, but let's open the door to all households.

The part represented by “households” in the electricity consumption of a country is significant, it can be around 30% of the overall consumption of the country, but moreover, it is important for social peace. Therefore, providing a solution for this niche of energy production at the state level is essential.

It is advisable to take this value out of the overall amount (the 100%), this will make it easier for the authorities, the tough choice between the solutions that are presented elsewhere at the gate. We are not qualified to discuss these solutions, but in an obvious way, we perceive the game of lobbies.

We must wage war against immobility, and the habits of current choices, the demand for solutions is more than urgent.

There are solutions in development, and solutions using RE, but it takes courage to get out of the routine and the grip of habits. Not worrying about it is tantamount to nipping convincing solutions in the bud, which is the objective.

The 30% segment, the "household segment” must therefore be able to live in individual autonomy when it comes to their demand for electrical energy, so as not to have to suffer from the vagaries of the situations described above.

Solutions exist but require the assistance of the authorities to make them succeed, this in itself is already the demonstration that there is no cut between the current networks and the Households. It seems that this point is a concern of the organizations in place.

To Households we say, claim your autonomy, take charge, this is the best way to guarantee your future in this matter, let your politicians know.

What is AetherSolutions doing in this debate?

AetherSolutions, a company being created in Luxembourg, has developed solutions for household-sized electric current generators which are completely autonomous, slice from 1 to 10KW depending on the model, are perfectly sustainable technologically and economically, and will be housed in your home, thus protected against climatic events. They are totally ecological, work 100% of the time (no intermittence), and are controllable. Almost zero maintenance, they also have a long life, the cost of the electricity produced is almost zero.

We therefore fully correspond to the criteria of the alternatives sought.

We offer you to come and join us so that we can put our generators on the market (a market which is very important) as soon as possible.

We remain at your disposal for further details.

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