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To solve the access to electricity for households.

Keywords: Universal Problem, Households, Autonomy, Individual Solution, Pico Hydro Station

In Europe, the benefit of electrical energy is discovered, without which almost no household process is possible, depending on our way of life.

The elements are first of all the obligation to produce energy in a clean way, required by the unforgiving requirements of the rules of respect for the climate, and secondly the combination with the event of the war in Ukraine.

These 2 elements ensure us of imminent problems of supply and cost of use.

We must therefore find a solution.

The electricity consumption of "households" in the overall demand for electrical energy needs of a country is significant and can be close to 35%, but this is only one element of the equation, the character it represents is of primary importance.

The state of affairs

Today, each household is supplied with electricity by a distribution network whose reliability we have just explained is compromised as much as is the price of the service it delivers. In addition, tomorrow will come, or for some are already there, the problems of sizing or renewal of production tools and also of distribution.

There is therefore a real danger in the house.

How do we respond to these issues?

It must be done on the spot and not leave time to time. I am amazed at the degree of freedom that the authorities in charge of finding solutions sometimes allow themselves on this subject. I am also surprised at the apparent carelessness of the "households", but be careful when waking up.

The state, as far as it is concerned, sees how much it has relied on political positions, dictated that certainly, are expensive if not "imbeciles". Other states that do not have their own energy production system are in an even more complex state of uncertainty. They are responsible for the country's overall electrical energy needs. The proposal that we make in our writing is to give them a solution for the "household" segment of this global demand.

The proposed solutions

In response to this problematic situation, the states are proposing to speed up the offer made to “households” to gain a certain autonomy by promoting the installation, which is moreover annoying in terms of network operation, of PV panels. This should effectively help to limit the damage, in the event of major problems at the level of national production. This solution, it should be noted, requires production storage means at the individual level.

If the idea is good to promote the autonomy of households, the solution indicated, by the fact that it is not reliable at all times and in all places, is not acceptable.

It is at this point that we intervene by offering autonomy solutions (under control or not) for all households wherever they are located, in whatever climatic situation, in whatever solar lighting situation whatsoever.

The solutions we offer are totally autonomous, they do not require any connection or consumption of external resources. Based on the use "in a vacuum" of renewable energy, they have no production cost (no more bills for the KW produced).

Production is guaranteed 100% of the time. Systems are scalable (and controllable) to the size of each household's demand.

The amortization of the investment is in the order of the number of invoices that would normally be received over a period of 3 to 4 years.

Our range of products will cover needs ranging from approximately 1 to 10KW.

All the components necessary for the production of these current generators are under control.

These systems can be purchased as a backup.

When we talk about households, we are also talking about particular situations, we are very aware that these solutions are in real adequacy with the situations experienced in places, and there are many of them where there are no electricity distribution networks. This tells you the size of the market for our solutions.

We are also very aware of the fact that we are opening a new array of industrial solutions by offering stand-alone solutions; there is a lot to do together.

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