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You have to sow to be able to harvest.

Produce yourself what you need with the autonomous domestic electricity generator.
Help yourself and the sky will bring you your comfort temperature this winter, next season, and the season after are in question.

The context

We do not wish to speak only of temperature comfort, but the time is favorable for it, we wish to point out to you a much more serious evil which is that of worrying about the most straightforward solution to this situation, which today is to ventilate, tomorrow will be to heat and to benefit from the necessary electricity.

What we're saying about the temperature comfort issue is true for all your appliances.

I am not an alarmist, but please take note that two factors influence, and will continue to influence, the risk which has become an almost certainty of delivering the necessary electrical power, and at what cost, to respond to all your electricity needs. We talk about climate change and the geopolitical situation.

The solution, if you followed the political news for a while (I'm sure you do) is that each country is looking for its own solution. Its own independence. We must as individuals do the same.

The recommended solution is thus independence, autonomy, and the possibility of producing oneself the electricity one consumes.

This is what we are proposing, but we are going one step further.

The Objective

We propose to you to take part in the development to provide to each individuality, sized to its need in electricity consumption, the equipment to make it autonomous in the matter.

You as a company will consider this market as huge. It is huge. We must start now, and to do this, let's meet up first!

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